How to enjoy spring to the fullest like a Spaniard with Sherry Wines

Spring in Spain, as in most European countries, is one of the most beautiful times of the year, which pleases friendly flowering and rapidly rising temperatures. The cold is replaced by warmth, the air becomes filled with energy and pleasant sea freshness. It’s time for endless comfortable walks and festivities, which are so fond of the Spaniards. Undoubtedly, the customs and traditions of the locals like it, even visitors to the city for their uniqueness, dynamism, and originality.

In this post, we will tell you which the most important festivities are to enjoy spring to the fullest like a Spaniard. Easter Week (between March and April) is based on a religious tradition, Barcelona’s quintessential festival, Sant Jordi, takes place on 23rd April and tradition stipulates those gifts of books and roses be given.
Between April and May, it is Seville’s turn with its April Fair when its site and stands are full of people dancing “sevillanas” and enjoying themselves.

Discover 3 typical Spanish spring festivities

Easter in Spain

The whole week of “Semana Santa” or Holy Week is passionately celebrated with religious processions, masses, and music. It is celebrated in March or April
because the dates change every year. This year it takes place between the 10th and 17th of April, and over these days Spain is transformed.
The festivities begin on “Domingo de Ramos” (Palm Sunday) and last until “Lunes de Pascua” (Easter Monday), but the most elaborate events and processions are held on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. It is a time of celebration accompanied by processions full of gold, silver, and colorful and fresh flowers, typical sweets such as ‘mona de Pascua’, or traditional games such as “la comba”(skipping rope).

Typical dishes here during Easter include garlic soup, or “Sopa Castellana”, “Patatas Viudas” and “potaje de Vigilia”. These are recipes where the vegetables are the stars, including peppers, garlic or onion, and are the ideal pairing for a glass of red Sherry Wine. Sweet desserts such as torrijas or pestiños and Rice Pudding can also be accompanied by a glass of sweet Sherry Wine.

Saint George’s Day (Sant Jordi)

Sant Jordi, the patron saint of the city of Barcelona is celebrated on the 23rd of April, a tradition that has continued since the 15th century. During this time the streets of cities and towns are filled with stalls, selling books and roses. This celebration of the saint of Catalonia is based on love and culture, much like that of ‘Saint Valentine’.

Typical on this day are nut pastries, Majorcan sausage and cheese, or butter and cream cake, which can be paired with a sweet Sherry Wine.

April Fair

The April Fair is one of the most international and popular of Seville’s festivities.

For a week more than a thousand “casetas” or tents installed in the fairground area become the second home of the city’s inhabitants, a place where people come together to have fun and share experiences until the early hours of the morning.
Throughout the fair, people wear the typical Andalusian dress: the men wear the outfit of the farmworker, and the women wear flamenco or gipsy dresses.

By day the fair is filled with horsewomen, riders and richly festooned carriages. This year Seville’s April fair begins the night of the “alumbrao” on May 1st, the inaugural moment when all the fairground lights are lit.

This is also the night the traditional “pescaíto frito” (fried fish) which can be paired with “manzanilla”; dry white wine or “fino de Jerez”; dry and aromatic Sherry Wine.
Without forgetting about the “rebujito”, a typical drink that is characterised by being a mixture of manzanilla with fizzy soft drink and a lot of ice.


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